The Ruby Rod

Episode 111

The Icerbeg Prison

Short Version

Party assaults the iceberg prison, the rakshasa offering to take point and create a distraction. He leaves behind instructions for Tavar to craft a weapon to permanently kill him, wanting to have a final battle with Tavar later. The party fights through many layers of the iceberg until the get to the prison area. Cebias is being held in an iron maiden, but when the party goes to rescue him the floor collapses and they meet The White, who has become a dracolich. Killing the white, the party removes Cebias from the iron maiden to find that he has become a lich. The party uses the defenses of the dracolich’s treasure hoard to defend themselves long enough to teleport to the frozen tower, contacting Argyle ahead of time to tell him to meet them their.

Nobody remembered that the teleportation circle was destroyed.



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