The Ruby Rod

Episode 201

Season 2 Start

Less verbose than usual but still damn long version.

Party’s teleportation goes astray but they arrive near the frozen tower. Inside they meet two new party members, Nail, razerclaw shifter monk, and Itaki, a goliath warden. The two have been tasked with protecting the party as apart of Tavar’s deal with the Raven Queen. Cebias offers to teleport ahead of the party to his spirit tree, to prepare for things and to escape the company of the undead haters.

Clearing the catacombs under the tower from undead, the tower’s layer of ice melts. The Raven Queen appears to Tavar and tasks him with killing Argyle, the final undead created in the tower, as an act of faith and to complete the tower’s cleansing. The Raven Queen then directs the party to find The Knights of the Challice, followers of the dead god who Asmodeus had slain to gain godhood. They would possibly have a way to combat the powers of the Ruby Rod.

Just as Argyle and the airship are seen on the horizon, a remorhaz attacks the tower, forcing the party to defend themselves. The airship collides with the remorhaz knocking it off the tower, but the beast latches unto the ship bringing it down with it. Vorastorix makes it to the crashsite first, the ship teetering on the edge of a precipice. Vor finds Argyle pinned to upsidedown to the ship’s mast, his belly sliced open. Karavakos makes an appearance, the shadow version at least, and sends shadow clones to attack the party, but not before knocking the airship over the edge of the cilff.

After the fight, the party makes it way to the wreckage. They speak with Argyle who remembers his old life but doesn’t want to be remembered by it, and wants to be remembered as Argyle. Tavar slays him and when the party removes his helmet they learn that it was Tannis the whole time. What a tweest.

The party makes some minor repairs to the ship and return to Cebias’ manor. Cebias has been asleep the entire time and is quite livid to find that he had been out for weeks. Vorastorix contacts his patron dragon Ornisk to see if he knows of anything of the Knights of the Chalice. As it just so happens, he does, the knights are rumored to have a hidden outpost in the desert nearby the dragonborn city.

The party makes their way there, Hawthorn tagging along now piloting the ship. They plan to make a stop in the howling canyons on the way so Tavar can collect components to craft a weapon to destroy the rakshasa. Before they reach the canyons Buzart has them land the ship by a caravan he saw below. Dwarves are planning to make their way through the canyons guided by a monster collector. One of the monsters collected is the mutated form of Surly, Tavar’s rage drake mount. Some rituals later and the beast is more or less back to normal. Buzart decides to stay with the caravan, feeling his place is with his people.

The party moves on. One night a few days into the canyons they are attacked by a great dragon covered in armor. They are able to elude the beast but it summons up a great storm to keep the party from escaping any further. The next morning the storm still rages on, the party plans to make their way to a beam of light they can see off in the distance where they last saw the dragon. On their way they meet some stone golems who repair nets meant for jumping into through the canyon. They speak of a creature named Redwind who is not nice and doesn’t like Master who controls the winds. The rock golems lead the party to a cave where redwind resides, and is the only passage to the Master’s layer.

Inside they find hallways with reliefs of a race of dragons the party doesn’t recognize. Redwind makes an appearance, swirls of ghostly spirits, talk how they had prayed to Vorastorix for guidance and were abandoned by him. Confused, the party is lead into a trap.



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