Cebias Shuun

Mentor, Patron, Ally.


Cebias Shuun is an eladrin mage of great power and wisdom. Stricken blind late in his adventuring career, he has learned to use his magic to sense the world around him, magical lens allowing him to see text. Gaining much of his power adventuring, he had retired, taking up study and training of pupils.

Years later his dreams became haunted by nightmare visions of the world falling into darkness by the hand of some devil wielding what Cebias believes to be the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus. Cebias began studying and scrying, trying to determine the meaning of the visions. Eventually he became aware of the location of the Ruby Rod. Fearing that it was about to fall into the wrong hands, he called forth a number of persons of power, some of which did not answer the call, but those that did were sent out to retrieve the rod.

Weeks after the original party left, Cebias lost sense of the rod. Any attempt to contact the party was met with failure. Cebias feared them dead, but had hope that they had achieved their goal and destroyed the rod.

Four years after losing track of the original party, Cebias could feel his days were numbered. Content to leave the world, Cebias fell asleep for what he felt would be the last time. The visions from before returned, 10-fold in their intensity. The Rod had returned. He attempted a sending to the original party but was met with failure. He knew what he had to do.

He held in his possession a ritual to turn himself into an archlich. A necessary evil he felt. After the transformation Cebias went out to gather a number of allies who had not come the first time he had called. Together they traveled north through the frozen wastes to a forgotten place on the very north edge of the continent. A frozen cave called the Cavern of Lost Souls. There his party met their fate. Cebias was captured. Recognized as a lich, he was encased in an enchanted iron maiden and left to rot.

Ten years later he was rescued. The original party had returned to the world after escaping a prison dimension where only weeks had passed for them. Together they escaped the cavern, which had now been dislodged from the mainland and been drifting out to sea as a giant iceberg.

Currently Cebias is wasting no time scrying the world and learning what has happened in his decade long absence.

Cebias Shuun

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