The late guardian of Underfortress.


Nebnensoel was an Immolith Mage and guardian of Underfortress, a city built within an active volcano. With the abilty to split his form into a number of what could best be desribed as flying bone nagas, he guarded Underfortress for centuries, experimenting on anyone he captured, turning them into one of a variety of undead in the process.

The party met one of his aspects shortly before an invasion from the Primordial Chaos decended upon Underfortress, and met other aspects throughout their search for the Ruby Rod.

The aspects of Nebnensoel have personalities of their own, most of which were willing to let the party go about their business assuming they would end up getting killed by either their own minions or that of the invasion forces. A few even went so far as to offer assistance to the party if that would just make them leave, but were not willing to allow access to the city’s vault which contained the party’s goal.

After capturing two of the party, Nebnensoel set in motion turning one into one of his undead thralls and used the other as an conduit of energy to close the portal the invasion forces were using. Before the final confrontation with the party, one aspect of Nebnensoel, Split Jaw, abandonned Nebnensoel, claiming that “they have abandonned us” and that “my fate is my own”.

Nebnensoel fell in battle to the party. His cloak of unlife and face being worn by the party as trophies and magical items.

Later in the Pyramid of Shadows, the party ran into Split Jaw who had found himself also trapped there. He had attempted to open the city vault to allow the invasion forces to get what they sought, mostly out of spite when had been trapped. Split Jaw aided the party in their escape so that he himself could escape.

Currently, Split Jaw is assumed to be floating about the primordial chaos, pursuing his own goals.


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