Tannis Shearwind

An adventurer who just wanted to see his wife again


Tannis was an adventurer of minor note. With a penchant for using a multitude of crossbows, he and his allies went out treasure hunting and retired after a few short but very successful adventures.

When his hometown’s patron deity, Stratovarius, Lord of the North Winds had been slain by unknown means, Tannis’ wife sacrificed her mortal form to take up the deity’s place. Grieved by her loss, Tannis reassembled his companions to search out a means to resurrect the god and reunite with his wife.

After gaining all but one artifact needed for the ritual, a chalice, they set out for what Tannis would later learn was called Underfortress, a fortress city built within a volcano. His party had a remarkably easy time traversing city, the only major obstical was a trio of helmeted zombies who didn’t seem to be killable. They tied the trio up and left them hanging from a statue, later to be found by the campaign’s main party.

After opening the vault, they awoke the guardians of the city, an army of undead decended upon them. Only himself and his dwarf ally Buzart Dwak escaped the onslaught. Chased for days trying to find an escape, the pair met up with the main party, and together retraced his steps.

A key needed to be made in the city’s elemental forge room. There they fended off elementals, demons, duargar, and a dragon mount while the forge’s machines made the key. Zombies poured into the room as the key was finished, Tannis tossing a map to the party pulled out an item from under his jacket and used it to turn himself invisible and escape. The party recognized it as the Ruby Rod.

After becoming trapped in the Pyramid of Shadows, the party used a sending ritual to contact Tannis, who had found himself deeper within the pyramid. When the party finally caught up to him however he had been slain by Karavakos. Karavakos claimed he had done so to save Tannis from going insane from a potion he had taken that, while allowing them to escape the pyramid, caused severe pain.

After escaping, Buzart took the chalice to Tannis’ hometown where the resurrection was completed. Stratovarius then attempted to resurrect Tannis but claimed he could not do so as Tannis was not dead.

Tannis’ current whereabouts unknown.

Tannis Shearwind

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