The Merchant


Seven inches tall and mute, this doll acts as a merchant for a tiny shop dimension. It communicates through various hand gestures and lit up eyes of changing color and intensity. His shop has just about any item, at least in it’s most basic form. The merchant rarely seams to know proper pricing off the top of it’s head and constantly consults various tomes he keeps up front. When asked for an item he will fly about on wire frame wings which extend from his backpack, looking through droors far too long to not be magical and presents a number of styles. It can carry things several times it’s own weight, but has difficulty in doing so.

The merchant has an extreme interest in keys. Able to map out advanced and magical locking mechanisms just by seeing the key it’s made for, the merchant purchases keys presumably based on the level of complexity of the lock they open. Shrinking them down to fit in his jacket where he has a large collection. It is assumed grabbing the merchant and shaking it will cause it to jingle.

Entry to the shop is allowed through just about any doorway by using a special key which opens a portal to the shop. The key turns nearby flames a blue color, indicating that the shop is open, otherwise admittance is not possible.

The party met the merchant when one of the merchant’s many familiars sought out the party and brought them their to collect their own familiars who had inexplicably ended up there when the group was trapped within the pyramid of shadows.

Inside the shop is a number of miscellaneous knick knacks. When the party first entered they found all sorts of familiars fluttering about. Behind the counter they found the merchant sleeping, or perhaps just lying dormant. Roused from his sleep, the merchant traded with the group and sold them the head of Vyrellis.

Some time after escaping the pyramid of shadows, the party attempted to return to shop. Upon arrival they found the place devoid of any of the critters inhabiting it earlier. The merchant seemed depressed about this, and otherwise unable to perform his usual tasks. The party ask the merchant to join them which it agreed to, flying back and forth from the physical plane and his own when items need procured.

It currently resides in small chest in the cabin of the party’s airship.

The Merchant

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