Karavakos is an ancient being, having been trapped in the timelessness of the Pyramid of Shadows for untold ages. According to the stories within the Pryamid, Karavakos had made pact with a powerful devil to gain control of an undefeatable army which he used to conquer the world. Taken an Eladrin wife, he later attempted to conquer the feywild, but was trapped within the Pyramid of Shadows. All knowledge of his existence has all but faded from the real world. Blaming his wife Vyrellis, he beheaded her, casting her head into a pit within the pyramid.

A powerful mage in life, Karavakos was able to eventually gain a modicum of control of the pyramid, pulling various persons into the prison with himself.

Upon arival in the pyramid, Karvakos’ essence was split into 5 parts, 2 that had been defeated and reunited with the whole before the party had arrived, and two after.

The two aspects the party had met and slain were a kind old man who had turned into a desolate senile invalid after Daelock stole the one thing precious to him, and a researching mage within the pyramid library.

When met by the party in his assumed complete form, Karavakos appeared as an withered old man, ready to die. Before his final piece had reunited with him he had cast the pyramid into the maw of Acamar, the dead star, but upon becoming complete took pains to delay the outcome in order for the party to escape.

He offered the party an elixir that would kill them in the pyramid but return them whole and alive in the real world. At the table with them was the slain body of Tannis, throat slit open. Karavakos explained that the elixer’s effect was extremelly painful, so much so as to cause insanity if too much was consumed. He explained that he had to kill Tannis before the half elf would lose his mind, Karavkos’ magic too gone and body too weak to do anything but slit his throat.

The party believed Karavakos’ explanation and accepted the elixer, but not before inquiring the location of The Ruby Rod. Karavakos had no knowledge of it, and the party found it on Tannis’ person. Karavakos then poured for each party member a specific amount of elixir, giving Buzart more than usual due to his dwarven hardiness, and very little to Daelock do to the gnome’s small body. He then poured for himself four times as much as anyone else. Appologizing to the essence of Vyrellis, he drank from is chalice and was killed.

After the party drank it was later learned to be a ruse. The elixir was merely a poison, one which Karavakos apparent immunity too. The party died from the poison except for Daelock who had only been given enough to paralyze him.

Four other aspects of Karvakos then entered the room, a young adult, a middle aged one, one cloaked in shadow, and the final one who had been slain in the library. The eldery Karavakos then commanded his younger self to tear out the heart of Daelock, so “he would know how it feals”.

Having escaped the pyramid, Karavakos has been reconquering the world with the help of his new prize, the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus.


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