Vyrellis (RIP)

The dead wife of Karavakos


In life, Vyrellis was the wife of Karavakos. It is said the she was the influence behind Karavako’s decision to invade the Feywild. Due to this, Karavakos murdered her, tossing her head into a bottomless pit in the Pyramid of Shadows. Her soul endured.

Found by the party in The Merchant’s shop, Vyrellis aided the party in finding the remaining aspects of Karavakos in return for locating the pieces of her shattered soul. With each shard gathered she regained memories of her life and was able to further help the party.

Even after being murdered, she still had a love for Karavakos, and was pained each time as aspect of his was killed. Her feelings of Karavakos’ betrayal of the party is unknown.

Her spirit was last seen in the vault of Underfortress, after assisting in guiding the party’s souls back to their bodies’. She thanked the party for their freeing of her, and departed for the hereafter.

Vyrellis (RIP)

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