Kathra Thundervault (RIP)

Explorer, Dungeon Delver, Archeologist


Kathra served as a guide for the party on their way to and through Underfortress. Years prior she and a team had begun excavating the ruins when people were mysteriously dying and bodies were turning up missing. The project was scrapped but not before Kathra lost her husband.

During a heated battle high atop the city with a horde of zombies below, Kathra was knocked from the ledge by an undead minotaur. She was able to evade the zombies but was captured, experimented on, and turned by Nebnensoel into a zombie. However, through the action of the party she was able to keep her mind, so when Nebnensoel tried to command her to turn on the group she resisted.

Her spirit now rests with her husband whose soul was freed from Nebnensoel by the party.

Kathra Thundervault (RIP)

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