Elder Copper Dragon


Astrarian was an elder copper dragon the party found in the frozen castle within the Pyramid of Shadow. The party had come to slay and claim the heart of the white dragon which resided there, only to find it frozen within a block of ice. The rather friendly copper dragon introduced himself at this point, and explains that his friend The White was attempting to become a Dreamwrought Dracolich, and how he had sabotaged the ritual, leaving his friend in the state the party found him.

Upon learning the party’s predicament, Astrarian refused to allow his friend to be killed, and instead suggested bringing The Tiki Man back to the fortress where they could ambush him. Astrarian removed the tip of The Whites tail and gave it to the party as well as helped conctoct a small vial of liquid ice to help with the ruse.

While the party wass out however, a large devil force attacked the castle from the inside, and Astrarian is off combating them as the party deals with The Tiki Man. During the battle, The Tiki Man is able to rip the heart of The White from his chest, killing it, causing the fortress to shake and begin to fall, damn load barring villains. Astrarian and the party are able to escape, the copper carrying the party in a broken carriage.

As the party investigates how to escape the pyramid, Astrarian deals with other matters, returning each time with more wounds from battle. When the party was ready, Astrarian assists them in defeating the pyramid’s colossus. He was last seen rushing the party to the pyramid proper as a black void engulfed the world around them.


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