The Tiki Man

Known as The Tiki Man because Ulgohralkthi is too hard to pronounce


Not much is known about The Tiki Man. The party was first directed his way from the sphinx inside the Pyramid of Shadow, claiming that he had been there had been there for a long time and would have a great deal of knowledge of the pyramid. The sphinx mentioned his name was Ulgohralkthi, and that he would be greatly pleased if it was pronounced correctly.

The party was escorted to his throne room by a group of Ogres when they had entered his domain. When the party first met him, he was a thin and tall man, wrapped in bandages, his face covered by a mask, hence the nick name. In return for information and the staff in his possession which contained a number of Vyrellis’ soul shards, The Tiki Man asked the party to kill The White and bring back his heart and head. Having heard many bad things about The White from others, the party agreed and set out.

After returning without the heart or head however, The Tiki Man grew suspicious when the party implored him to come to the frozen castle. He slipped something into the ears of Lucif and Vorastrix, while showing his true form as a Mindflayer, his mask turning and melting into his face. He offered to remove the brain slugs once he knew the party was not out to betray him.

He had no intention of doing such, and when finding The White in his frozen prison, attempted to have the party killed. During the fight he called upon the dread star Hadar and mutated into an even more frightening form. Plunging a tenticle into The White’s chest, The Tiki Man ripped out the dragon’s heart, and attempted to devour in a bid for power but the heart was wrestled away by Tempest. Shortly thereafter he was crushed to death by a giant icicle, it’s falling directly caused by his slaying of The White.

Afterwards, Astrarian postulated that The Tiki Man had gone mad long ago from eating dead brains, and that devouring a dragon’s heart would not have done anything spectacular in and of itself. The truth behind The Tiki Man’s motives will never be known.

The Tiki Man

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