The White

A white dragon who's name literally translates as "The White"


The White was a prisoner inside the Pyramid of Shadow. Purportedly a friend of Astrarian’s, The White felt the pyramid a paradise. Without the need to eat, he could spend an eternity sleeping and dreaming the dreams of dragonkind between stints of proclaiming his greatness to the rest of the pyramid’s denizens.

Eventually this was no longer enough, and The White wished for more. He learned of a ritual to transform himself into a Dreamwrought Dracolich, allowing him to enter the dreams of others and torment them while eternally slumbering in the safety of his own domain. Astarian disagreed with this and sabotaged The White’s ritual, encasing The White in a block of ice, alive, but eternally asleep. The White’s heart was ripped from his chest by the Tiki Man, killing him instantly.

After escaping the pyramid, the party went to track down and save Cebias from “The Cavern of Lost Souls”. Once a cave in a iceberg, it had broken off and become its own island. It was learned that it’s warden had been “saved by Karavakos” and given the place. It was later learned that the Warden was The White, interrogating prisoners in their sleep, tormenting them and driving them mad.

Attempting to ambush the party as they rescued their patron, The White was slain.

His phylactery was not found.

The White

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