Airship Pilot, Ghoul Amnesiac


Argyle was found in the upper halls of the ice tower in the frigid north. After teleporting in, the party was attacked by helmeted ghouls much like the zombies they had fought in Underfortress, as well as unhelmeted zombies and undead gibbering mouthers. One zombie in particular, who while taking a beating from the cleric’s turning, did not fight. At the end he attempted to run away and was tossed down a flight of stairs for his efforts.

After some unneeded intimidation, the ghoul offers to lead the party through the tower, helping them avoid the myriad of traps. Not remembering his past life or even his own name, the ghoul is dubbed Argyle. When approached about removing his helm, Argyle refused, not wanting to know what he has become.

Memory stones left by Cebias as well as the towers traps’ positioning of keeping intruders from going up the tower, not down, made Argyle of little use. He however found his place shortly after the party left the ice tower.

Outside they found a snow buried air ship. After digging it out, Argyle took to piloting the craft rather naturally. Not needing food or sleep, Argyle mans the helm night and day.

The party has offered to destroy Argyle and resurrect him as a normal living person, but he declined, preferring wait to see if his memories return to him before such a thing were attempted.


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