Dӕlock Foepin

Gnome Illusionist and unintentional ruiner of people’s lives


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Daelock Foepin, level 19
Gnome, Wizard, Hermetic Saboteur
Build: Illusionist Wizard
Arcane Implement Mastery: Orb of Deception
Second Implement: Orb of Imposition
Arcane Implement Proficiency: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Dagger)
Background: Gnome – Fomorian Captivity (Stealth Class Skill)

Str 9, Con 11, Dex 11, Int 25, Wis 18, Cha 16.

Str 8, Con 10, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 13.

AC: 30 Fort: 23 Reflex: 30 Will: 31
HP: 93 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 23

Arcana +23, Diplomacy +17, Nature +18, Stealth +16

Acrobatics +9, Bluff +12, Dungeoneering +13, Endurance +9, Heal +13, History +16, Insight +13, Intimidate +12, Perception +13, Religion +16, Streetwise +12, Thievery +9, Athletics +8

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Gnome Phantasmist
Level 2: Magic of the Mists
Level 4: Phantom Echoes
Level 6: Arcane Familiar
Level 8: Arcane Implement Proficiency
Level 10: Durable
Level 11: Improved Orb of Deception
Level 12: Second Implement
Level 14: Spell Focus
Level 16: Psychic Lock
Level 18: Enlarge Spell
Feat User Choice: Implement Expertise (Light Blade)

Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde
Wizard at-will 1: Illusory Ambush
Wizard encounter 1: Grasping Shadows
Wizard daily 1: Sleep
Wizard utility 2: Spectral Image
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Shield
Wizard encounter 3: Maze of Mirrors
Wizard daily 5: Visions of Avarice
Wizard utility 6: Wizard's Escape
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Dispel Magic
Wizard encounter 7: Enemies Abound
Wizard daily 9: Face of Death
Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Visions of Ruin
Wizard utility 10: Illusory Wall
Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: Cry for Mercy
Wizard encounter 13: Orbmaster's Umbral Assault (replaces Enemies Abound)
Wizard daily 15: Vertigo (replaces Sleep)
Wizard daily 15 Spellbook: Sleep
Wizard utility 16: Displacement
Wizard utility 16 Spellbook: Greater Invisibility
Wizard encounter 17: Phantasmal Horror (replaces Grasping Shadows)
Wizard daily 19: Plague of Illusions (replaces Visions of Avarice)
Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Visions of Avarice

Spellbook, Stoneskin Mindweave Armor +4, Cunning Dagger +4, Orb of Fickle Fate +3, Cloak of the Walking Wounded +4 (2), Phrenic Crown (heroic tier), Potion Bandolier (heroic tier)
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Dӕlock Foepin
Dælock’s parents were slaves to the Fomorians in the feydark for many years. They made their break when the Summer Court of the Fey ordered a raid on the Fomorians and released most of the slaves. Dælock was born in a Gnome burrow but the parents remembered their debt to the Eladrin who freed them and imprinted their fears and paranoia of the Fomorians onto their son. Dael was trained by the elder gnomes in the ways of the illusionist. It was a peaceful and fairly uneventful upbringing, which lead to an undisciplined nature and a sense of wanderlust. At age 45 (15 in human years) he left for the mortal world to try and make his name as an adventurer. These adventures were very successful as Dael learned on the battlefield the power of illusions. Dæl became fairly well known after successfully defeating a cabal of evil fey pact warlocks, well known enough to join the Gnome Council (Dæl hardly ever goes to that. Matter of fact, he joined because he thought it would be an easy way to get chicks without paying for them. And it makes people take him seriously when he introduces himself as a member of the Gnome Console). However, some Eladrin investigating a magic item retrieved from the evil fey pact warlocks and found that the Fomorians were using their powers to influence mortals to seek out an artifact hidden in the mortal realm that would allow the Fomorians to wage a proper war against the surface fey. The high level fey were bound to not act, and interfering in the realm of mortals would set up a series of events that could lead to a war with the gods, so they assembled a strike team to enter into the world. This team was lead by Cebais, though most of the grunt work was done by others. Dæl was pushed into joining the operation partly because of his ties to the previous adventure, part because of the Gnome Council being forced to send a representative, and part because his parents still remembered how Cebais helped them out years ago. Most of the adventuring party was a bunch of asshole Eladrin, but Dæl and Cebais got along splendidly. Cebais taught Dæl many new tricks including forced teleportation. This changed Dæl’s mindset about magic permanently, and in return, he gave Cebais an understanding of illusions no other Eladrin had ever gotten before. However, the adventure had some draw backs. When doing legwork while Cebais was not present, something bad happened. The spirit of a Fomorians cultist possessed a body of a young woman, and was hiding in her. The spirit would not exit the body unless it was put to dire circumstances, and the party’s avenger figured that killing the victim was out of the question because the spirit would just pass on with her. Plus, you know, killing an innocent is relatively frowned upon. Intimidation was doing nothing, so the party’s captain ordered Dæl to do something extreme, use the illusions to torture this woman until the evil spirit came out. Morally opposed to it, Dæl finally agreed when his own life was threatened by the party. Dæl locked the woman in a state of permanent helplessness; when she was not even tied down she could not stop the avenger from putting his finger on her throat. When the avenger pulled out his sword, the spirit came out and was vanquished, but the price was paid. The woman was traumatized to the point of being catatonic afterwards. Cebais convinced Dæl to continue on, that the stakes were too high to just give up. Cebais helped get Dæl right in the head, and Dæl swore a debt of gratitude to Cebais. The adventure was eventually finished, the artifact was found and given to responsible hands and the party disbanded. After such a horrible event, Dæl retired to being an illusionist instructor in the mortal realm. Until one day he got a sending from Cebais.
Dælock has done a lot of things wrong in this campaign. He portaled Lucif into a trap which ended up getting him lost. He stole the shard of Verallas from the elderly Karavakos causing him to degenerate. Daelock eventually “slew” this aspect. He also was one the first to trust the new Karavakos and as such delivered the rod into his hands. He takes these failures very hard on himself. Karavakos also took personal revenge on Dælock by cutting out his heart while he was conscience for it. All of these lead to a very depressed Gnome, but was put on the right direction again by Cebias. Now Dælock only cares about 3 things right now- hunting down Karavakos to right that wrong, getting Lucif back and out of his warlock bargin because Dælock feels partially responcible for that, and making sure that none of his allies (party members and Cebias) get killed or captured again. Enough is Enough and it is time to move forward.

Dӕlock Foepin

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